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About: The Chameleon and the Eagle

Most of my early years were chameleon ones. I had to try lots of ways of being because I felt like there were so many possibilities inside me and I didn’t know where I should land. I wanted to be enjoyed, known, understood and loved but I didn’t know if any of that was possible because I felt complicated inside. I would sacrifice a lot in order to find a place to be where I I would be able to be myself but I wasn’t quite sure what my self really was. Because of this, I was drawn to a couple of key “eagles” who were seemingly the opposite. Their beliefs, decisions, and identity seemed so solid and clear and bold and courageous. Wow, I wanted that. I also felt like how they were might eat me alive. They were so defined – I often had to contend with them in order to make room for my seemingly vacillating ways to run their course and grant me my scrap of understanding. This tale attempts to express that tension between the good of both solidness and flexibility, seeking and finding, holding and letting go. Underneath these forms of being and becoming, don’t we all hold this tension as either struggle or acceptance?


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