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About: A Walk With Lady Wisdom

Updated: Feb 10

I began meeting with people with a variety of struggles as I attempted to carve out a new career direction under the title of “counseling” when one the of people I was meeting with called me out. “This isn’t counseling! I’ve met with lots of counselors and this is something else. What are you doing here with me?” I realized with a bit of shock which revealed both what I already knew and didn’t know at the same time that I didn’t know either. I had let my heart and intuition lead and they were ahead of my mind. I was pleased that lots of good things seemed to be happening in these meetings with people but I really didn’t know why. This book was a journey that was meant to honor specific women in my life who ultimately helped me answer the question of what this way was that I was discovering. For some reason I didn’t understand initially, women consistently answered the question in ways that were more helpful me than my male friends and colleagues. I followed this thread historically as I wondered why wisdom was so often portrayed as a woman and so this book fell into three themes: 1) a self exploration through dialogue with key women in my life 2) a deeper exploration of the life stories of six of these women and their suffering and relationship with me helped reveal what I was becoming and 3) a fictional exploration of wisdom itself.

I have seen this book aid both people who have suffered and those who offer help to those who suffer as it offers resonance and ways forward to both groups.

A podcast interviewing Eric about this book:

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